A Bug's Life is a game for the Playstation 1 console and is of the platforming genre.

A Bug's LifeEdit

A Bug's Life the game is based upon the Disney Pixar film of the same name. The game follows the life of Flik, a worker ant of his ant colony who wants todefend the colony against the colony's enemies. A gang of nasty Grasshoppers and their leader Hopper.

Role In GameEdit

Your role as Flik in game is to travel through 15 separate levels, 3 per area. (16 including the training level and 19 including the secret levels). Each level gets progressively harder and each level has certain objectives for you to accomplish.

Level Objective:

This objective is the most linear and requires you to complete that specific task or you cannot finish the level. This could be to just simply reach the end, defeat a boss or collect a certain object.

Collect All The Grain:

Each level has 50 pieces of grain scattered throughout it. Collect all 50 pieces to obtain one of three level tokens. Collecting all 50 allows Flik to regain full health.

Collect F-L-I-K:

Collect the letter F, L, I and K scattered throughout the level and be awarded a free extra life and the 2nd of three level tokens.

Defeat all enemies:

The hardest of all challenges requires you to collect a Gold Berry and use it to kill all enemies in the level. Once you obtain the gold berry, you get an enemy counter at the bottom of the screen. Kill an enemy with a Gold berry and it will no longer appear until you exit the level. Kill all enemies within level (including the boss in a boss level) with a gold berry and you'll be awarded the third and final level token.

Obtain all 3 level tokens per level and you are treated to a special video from the movie.


Overall, A Bug's Life is a good game for people who like platformers but isn't ideal for beginners to platformers, particularly for completionists. However if you take the time spent to complete everything it is an ejoyable game and a must have for the Playstation 1.

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